Travelling with Children- 5 Easy tips for parents

Greeting of the vacation season!  Here comes the most awaited holidays. SO here the tips you wanted to get most of this days.

So festivals it is or not travelling with a child is always cumbersome for some parents. As you know every toddler there wants to be the boss.  So they try making things difficult for parents and make holidays  difficult rather than a cheerful time.


Read below to get those sure effective tips to enjoy the holidays  and get free time.

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  1. Plan your holidays:

Keep in mind that planning your trip beforehand is very essential. Kids are filled with energy. So you only required is get the flow in proper direction. Don’t make very busy schedule for a holiday. Always keep free time for leisure activities. Beach holiday with you strolling calmly on beach will be  better option than travelling whole day in car with you your child crying for food and pee. So always plan your holidays.

  1. Afternoon is for sleep:

Believe it or not when you and your child gets some sleep in afternoon they will be very energised. Your child will be fussy and frustrated when you plan whole day travelling and no rest in between. Also you will get more time when your child sleeps in afternoon. So always try to make them sleep in afternoon.

  1. Lunch in restaurant; Dinner at room!

Might not seem a  good idea to you at first. But I will tell you logic behind that. Night hours are the time your toddler is most irritated and cranky. Even you have noticed that the food intake and demands increases during  dinner time. So try to have early dinner at room and enjoy rest of the night !  Yes, don’t forget you decided to go on holidays to refresh.

  1. If travelling by car , plan ample stops:

Always stop by after 2-2:30 hours of drive. That will bring new energy to your child. Also you also will get rest and change of pace. While driving keep busy your child by playing games with them. You can have multiple links when you search for this on internet.

  1. If travelling by plane:

Travelling by plane has own challenges. Ask your child about potty and peeing before boarding. Also take some food along with yourself. Don’t forget to ‘gate checked’ if you have stroller or car seat. You can prevent pressure effect to your child while landing and take off by giving them to drink water or juice by straw or if older by giving some chewing gum. Also give your child to carry his luggage by himself if possible. That will make them feel ‘Grown up’!

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Just follow these tips and get along. Feel free to contact us about any doubts and precautions you should take while travelling with your child.So next time you travel with your children  don’t worry and enjoy your moments at the best. 

Dr.Myra is part of Thechildplus team and she is Childcare expert and runs NGO. 


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