Post Covid Care for children- Know this possible complication

Few days back we got a 12 year old child with high grade fever since 4 days with red eyes and rashes over body.

He was lethargic and presented in very serious condition. Parents were extremely frightened. Paediatrician asked past history and mother said that child was covid-19 positive one moth back and recovered within few days. Only on that history We made a diagnosis of MIS-C. (multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children). Child was urgently managed at Critical care ICU with pulse of steroids and IVIG after confirming diagnosis with proper investigations.Fortunately Child recovered with very stormy course in Peadiaric ICU. Timely diagnosis and expert treatment saved a life of child.

MIS-C is very serious complication happens few weeks after child recovers from covid.

Even as most children who have contracted Covid-19 suffer only mild symptoms or no symptoms at all after their recovery, in a few cases, after as much as four weeks or more,children are found suffering from multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C).

What is MIS-C and why every parent should know about it?

The attempt is to bring to light the havoc that MIS-C can create in children. Because much of the focus right now is on adult related symptoms of COVID but this is something that has gone completely unnoticed with no information or knowledge. MIS-C is a syndrome.

There is very little research that has been conducted to ascertain the cause and risk factors associated with it. It is rare and with the correct medical attention, it can come under control. But since the knowledge is not widespread it’s almost next to impossible to identify the symptoms. And by the time you do and start taking action, things could become serious. Whilst not all children have the same symptoms, below are the red flags:

• Fever that lasts for more than 3 days
• Rash on the skin
• Vomiting
• Diarrhea
• Feeling unusually drowsy – inability to stay awake
• Red eyes
• Enlarged lymph nodes
• Fast heartbeat
• Rapid breathing
• Redness or swelling of the lips, tongue, hands and feet

What causes MIS-C?

Antibodies to covid virus develops few weeks after having infected with covid. Sometimes this antibodies start attacking child’s body itself and can cause this syndrome. Still the exact cause is being researched treatment is based on this pathophysiology.

How can i prevent MIS-C in my child?

You can prevent MIS-C if you prevent your child from getting infected with covid virus. Otherwise there is no known prevention as of know for this.

When to worry as a parent and seek medical help?

If fever reappears few weeks after your child recovers from covid you should take an advise  of pediatrician. You should immediately ask medical help if fever not decrease for more than three days, red eyes, enlarged lump in child’s neck , Rash over body, lethargic child.

Is it similar to Kawasaki disease ?

kawasaki disease is a vasculitis and pathophysiology is similar to MIS-C.

What we can do at Thechildplus children’s hospital?

Hassle free consultation and best treatment of childhood diseases with holistic approach by experienced paediatricians, Nutritionist, Dentist, physical therapists along with best online support for parenting and childcare.

We are expert at diagnosis of such diseases. Timely management and diagnosis is important. We are even arranging monthly followup visits for your child after covid recovery.  Feel free to call us anytime if you have any emergency.

Children COVID-19 Helpline  +91 7043 4444 55





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