Parenting Plus Quiz By The Child Plus Children’s Hospital Week 4 Explanations

Parenting is an art. Everything  happens to your child and your response can be scientifically explained. Here we provide scientific and psychological explanations to the questions in ‘parenting plus quiz’ by Thechildplus children’s hospital.


1. How you manage if your child is troublemaker at home and calm and cool at school?


Correct answer: We will change our home environment


A child’s behaviour is modified by the environment and not the other way round

A child’s behaviour is shaped, modified and reinforced by the environment. When a child exhibits a behavioural problem in several environments he is in, the problem might be with the child. If a child exhibits problematic behaviour only in a particular environment and is well-behaved everywhere else, the problem is with the environment.

If the child’s behaviour is problematic only within the family, parents need to find out what is the problem in the family atmosphere that makes the child’s behaviour unmanageable and make necessary modifications. For example a permissive parenting style that lets the child do whatever he wishes may be the reason for his behaviour at home, while the same is not possible outside the house.

2.What do you think ‘A Reward’ is for your child?


Correct answer:Rewards are not to be purchased always


It’s not the value of the reward but the recognition it carries makes it important

Rewards need not be something material.Praises, words of encouragement, hugs and pats are examples of non-material rewards.

Some times more than the bonus, words of appreciation from one superior is what motivates one more. If at all parents are buying rewards for promoting a good behavior they should try to substitute them with non-material rewards in the long run.

3.Why do children lie?


Correct answer: Due to fear


A child who fears the consequence of getting caught will lie.

Children may lie for a number of reasons: to avoid getting caught, to gain attention or even for fun. When they lie for a reason, it’s either for achieving some sort of advantage, but mostly it is done to avoid harsh consequences. The latter can be something the child fears, such as physical punishment or loss of privileges.

4. Which of the following is ideal time to have second child?

Correct answer: At least Three years


It will take 3 years for the uterus to regain health after a normal delivery

According to gynaecologist, it will take a whole 3 years after normal delivery for the uterus and pelvic organs to regain their previous states.

Another concern is the age of the mother at the time of conception. Babies have increased risk for malformations and genetic disorders if the age of the mother is above 35 years. For fathers, the ideal upper age limit is 40 years. The elder child will have the psychological development to think from others’ perspective after 4 to 5 years. Around this time, he will be able to understand his siblings more. Parents can arrive at a decision after taking all the above facts into account.

5.When child’s mind start to developing more?

Correct answer: After birth to 5 years


The human mind starts developing when the baby starts learning from its environment and experiences.

Even though a baby’s brain starts developing inside the womb, it lacks the sensory stimulation necessary for neuronal development for the complexities of the mind. However, the child’s developing ears can hear muffled sounds from the mother’s body and her voice and other sense organs transfer some information to the baby’s brain.

The human mind continues to form when the baby is born and starts sensing, experiencing and learning from its environment and experiences.

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