Parenting Plus quiz by The child plus children’s Hospital Week 3 Explanations

Parenting is an art. Everything  happens to your child and your response can be scientifically explained. Here we provide scientific and psychological explanations to the questions in ‘parenting plus quiz’ by Thechildplus children’s hospital.


1. How you will cultivate habit of book reading in your child?



Correct answer: 1 & 3


Build your child’s reading culture with the presence of books.

Experts believe that having as many books at home as possible is more beneficial for children’s education than a parent’s income. Children who grow up in a home with numerous books have a greater chance of educational success than those who did not.

Experts believe that having as many books at home as possible is more beneficial for children’s education than a parent’s income.

2.What is an ideal reward to change the child’s behaviour?


Correct answer:Small rewards every time your child behaves well.


Closer to a behaviour the reward is given, the more likely the behaviour to be repeated

When you are rewarding children for good behaviour, there are many important considerations. Firstly, the timing is important.Rewards or punishments are more effective when given immediately following the behaviour.

Secondly, small frequent rewards are more effective than bigger rewards served rarely.For example, giving candy every day, for a good behaviour is far more effective than saving them for an ice cream at the end of the month.

3.Who will be an ideal friend for your child?



Correct answer: Someone of his age



Age inappropriate behaviour changes can happen in a child who has more influence of friends elder to him.

Forming emotional attachment with a person much older to oneself need not always have positive benefits. Sometimes it can result in age inappropriate social norms in a child’s developmental stage.

It’s seen that children who have lower intelligence form friendship easily with children younger to them, and children with higher IQ may find it more comfortable with people older to them.

4. What decides long term success of your child?

Correct answer: 1 & 3


Psychologically, it’s perseverance that decides a child’s success in the long run

This is a million-dollar question for any parent.

Most parents believe that intelligence is a predictor of long-term achievement of their child, but there are more powerful factors with intelligence also come into play.Resilience and perseverance are other qualities in children that are attributed to long-term success. Hence, parents should teach children delayed gratification, patience, coping with crisis, and the joy of waiting for something better.

5.Should you take your children’s plate after meal and help them in arranging toys ?

Correct answer: No, Let the child handle such small tasks.



Don’t encourage a child to be overly dependent it makes them lazy.

Assisting a child with simple tasks such as these make them overly dependent and delays the development of their sense of responsibility.

Allow your children put their shoes and clothes on, and clear their plates after a meal. Let them find solutions to minor challenges like lacing a shoe properly. You are their hero, but every hero needs a break sometimes.

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