Parenting Plus Quiz by The child plus children’s hospital Week 1 Explanations

Parenting is an art. Everything  happens to your child and your response can be scientifically explained. Here we provide scientific and psychological explanations to the questions in ‘parenting plus quiz’ by Thechildplus children’s hospital.

1. Whom you will consider as your children’s friends if you have choice to select?

Correct answer: Child who is kind and helpful


Peers influence a child’s character more than his scores

This is a mistake most parents make. They try to assess their child’s friends by how well they fare in academics alone. However, parents should give more importance to the development of a child’s personality, where friendships and peer pressure have much influence. Rather than giving importance to a child’s academic performance, their character formation should be of more concern to the parent. Character is what remains, when a person loses everything in life. A child who is kind, willing to help others, and empathetic will be a good friend for your child. He will influence your child’s personality formation in a positive way.

2.If your child broke the precious thing in your absence & tells you when you come what you will do?

Correct answer: You will not be concerned. You try to make your child understand the value of such things.


 Never discourage a child who tells the truth

You should let your child know what he did really disturbs you, but at the same time, you are PROUD that he finally decided, to tell the truth. This will make the child understand that you are definitely not happy with his deed, but at the same time, he will be happy that he told the truth. You can conclude by saying that you are pretty sure that he will not make the same mistake again.
If you are just angry with him, he may think twice before telling the truth next time.

Remember that it’s much easier for a child to tell a lie, but it takes lots of courage to admit the truth.

3.What a child loves the most?

Correct answer: Care and love from parents


Children like attention more than anything else

Most parents believe that their child likes chocolates, toys or other material things the most. But psychological experiments prove otherwise.This groundbreaking psychological experiment by Harlow proved that more than food or milk, what is important for psychological development in primate babies is physical contact, emotional warmth and care.The attention, time and care you give children are far more important than any material rewards like chocolates or toys.

4.When you come from office tired your 4 year old daughter tries to play & tease you. Why she dose this?

Correct answer: She can’t understand that you are tired.


Small children find it difficult to see from others perspective

Children as young as 4 years are psychologically unable to understand other’s perspective. They will be highly egocentric thinking only from their perspective. Their brains find it difficult to understand or process other’s emotions.When psychological development matures enough so he can see other’s viewpoints, he will try to develop positive feelings towards others, like empathy.

5.Your child wants a toy of his friend while playing. They both are fighting for that. What you will do?

Correct answer: You will not fulfil your child’s demand and leave the place.


Teach children not to expect things which belong to someone else

This is a very common situation faced by every parent at least once.You are visiting a friend/relative. A toy or showpiece in their apartment gets his attention.He asks for it and it is happily given to him by the friend/relative. Now after playing with it for some time, the time has come to say goodbye.Your child now wants to take it with him home.You ask the child to give it back, but that’s not well taken.

What you can do in this condition is firmly tell your child to give that toy back. In case he do not do this you take the toy back. Also don’t tell your child that you will buy him a new one one the way back home. Never reinforce the behaviour. Your child will learn important lesson of life.

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