Tackling Tantrums – Tips to cool down your child’s anger

To simplify what is a tantrum I would like to say it is a prime reaction to the gap between a toddler’s big thoughts and his or her inadequate vocabulary to connect. And that a tantrum is powerful way to communicate a toddler’s ever increasing wish to be boss of his or her world.

Simple tips to tackle your child’s tantrums

1. Prevent the tantrums:

Toddler want to be the boss. And you will let them be the boss working under your guidance.
Like give them them two options. Would you like to eat ice cream or chocolates? Any options they choose , it will be beneficial for them.

2. Ignorance is bliss:

It will be harder for you. But it is the proven way. Your attention to your child during tantrum make positive reinforcement of that behavior. So refrain from providing too much attention. Leave the place as long as your child is safe.

3. Understanding the other person is the key in happy marriage and happy parenting.

Quicker you start why your child is angry you will get ways to prevent them. Food and sleep is the biggest turn on for child tantrums. Identify those precursors. Also help your child to express their feeling as their vocabulary is very limited.

4.Do not reciprocate.

Human has tendency to reciprocate things. You do good for person who has done good things for you. Similarly when you yell and be angry at your child they reciprocate. So be calm while your child is angry and yelling.

5.‘Jadu ki zappi’

When you child is having tantrums. Just Hug them during meltdown phase. Praise them how fast they improved.

6. Child has very short attention span.

You can divert your child’s attention as they have very short attention span. Like in a fair your child is crying to buy a chocolate you can divert this attention by providing any other object of your or his intrest.

7. Gift and positive reinforcement

Praise your child about he has ability to calm himself very fast.

8.Take it lightly.

It is a phase of development. And will go when your child become older. So laugh it out. Your child is the best and he deserves the best.

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