How to increase Bonding with your child?

Bonding and Bedtime routine

Have you ever wondered that why some children are better at most things and some fall behind?

Our brain has neurons that can be easily wired for desired outcome if cared. so during early years of life if child Neurons are wired properly we can get the desired outcome very easily. Major issue for the current generation is bonding with the parents and bedtime routine. Due over Indulgence with the mobile and TV child get decrease time to spend with parents also due to the busy life of parents child live life in monotony and solitude.

Here are simple ways you can increase bonding and provide perfect bedtime routine for your child to make your child happy and yourself happy also.

  1. Dinner together:

Talk about daily issues of the child during the dinner time. encourage them and empower them for the most families dinner time is the only time when child and their parents get together and can talk in this busy life.

  1. Sleep time routine:

Always make sleep time routine. Like bathing, story  telling before sleeping. Spare some time for cuddling with toddlers  and your small children.


  1. Weekends are for you and your kids:

Spare time for short trip and outing during weekends with your child. Visit places that can give education and provoke thought of your child.


  1. Limit gadgets use:

Gadgets has replaced books this days. It has also replaced outdoor playing and created children who are slaves of screen. It’s time to wake up. As a parents you can do is limit your exposure to TV and mobile also. Your children do what they see you doing. So limit your use first and prefer outing over gadgets.


  1. Help and praise your child for all small achievements!

When you help your child to achieve their goals both you and they will be benefited. Set small goals and challenges every week or monthly . And when your child completes that praise and gift them.



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