Common neonatal and infant problems and easy solutions


Baby vomiting after feed

All babies throw up some amount of curdled milk soon after feed. Swallowed air is expelled out of the stomach along with the ingested milk. Good burping after each feed will take care of this problem.

Baby hiccups and sneezing

Baby hiccups and sneezing are common and normal reflexes.

Passing stool after each feed

Normal newborn passes stool 8-12 times in a day. It is normal to pass semi liquid greenish stool after each feed till baby is gaining weight and on exclusive breastfeeding.

Enlarged baby’s breast

It occurs due to transfer of hormones from the mother to baby through the placenta. Avoid local massage and fomentation. Never try to express the milk. The engorgement spontaneously disappears.

Bleeding from vagina or white discharge

Menstrual like vaginal bleeding may occur in some female infant after 3-5 days of birth. The bleeding is mild and lasts for 2-4 days. It does not need treatment except cleaning. Similarly whitish discharge is due to withdrawal of hormones.

  Red pimples on face

Baby acne is common. No need of treatment. Use of mild soap is required.

Position of sleep for infants

All infants should be put on the back while sleeping to prevent chocking. Pillows should not be used. Mattress should be firm and not soft.

Normal sleeping pattern for newborn babies

Babies sleep average 16 hours a day. It is normal for a bay to stay awake at night and sleep more in daytime. It is good to start fan or ac if it’s too hot.

Bathing of baby

For 1st one to two days only sponging is required. Take cotton or soft cloth and rinse it in lukewarm water. Ask us about choice of soap.

What we can do at TheChildPlus?

We are experts in neonatal and infant care. If you have any other questions other than this feel free to ask us. We are happy to help.



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