Child not eating?- easy tips and tricks to make them eat!

Science behind fussy and pickey eaters .Why your child turns his mouth when you offer food?

Toddlers are very vulnerable. Toddlers are in search of autonomy. The major question that tickles a toddlers mind is  if he/she can do the things by himself? Also this years are very important in development. Child will always seek for rewards than punishment. So what happens is child will turn very selective and fussy in his behaviour. And to overcome this you required to use this special proven tricks.

So is there any ways to make my child every food I want?

Yes. When there is a problem; there must be solution. what matters is the true guidance and help. and with our help you can solve any problem regarding this.


Here you go! 5 sure shot tips just for you


  1. Don’t succumb to the food demand of your child every time.

You can spice things up. But never fall for the demand. Every child has appetite and requirements. When your child don’t eat food you want you end up giving the food they want. And mostly those are the unhealthy choices. Let them be hungry and ask for food.


  1. Offer food but don’t force.

Again as the science of a toddler say it is a time to be autonomous. How can you force someone who want to be the boss? So don’t try to be the boss. Help and offer them but don’t force.


  1. Restrict juices and drinks.

Water is for drinking not to fill your stomach. Same when child drinks too much of juices and drinks there appetite will be decreased. Also don’t allow your child to drink water while eating. Preserved juices are not natural and also heavy on carbohydrates. That fills your child’s tummy quickly and satisfy their hunger. So no juices till they eat.

  1. Create competitions.

Don’t try to overcome the ego of competitive person. When you provoke your child to compete with other they will do their best. Miraculously when you ask your child to compete with his dad or sibling they do their job very faster and better. So create competitons for eating daily food during lunch or dinner with siblings.


  1. Eat food together.

Make eating time pleasurable not a routine. We eat food to get energy but eating also brings satisfaction. When you eat pizza you get satisfaction and energy that sometime lacks when you only rice. So eating together brings a moment of joy and satisfaction.


  1. Clock is always right.

Always make routine time for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don’t go haphazardly. Make perfect routine and feed your child.

What we can do at TheChildPlus- Holistic Paediatrics?

Our doctors at Thechildplus are certified in child psychology and can help you with fussy eaters and your child’s eating habits. Feel free to visit us.


Dr. Hardik shah is renowned paediatrician, Child nutrition expert and certified child psychologist.   





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