Anxiety issues in child- How to diagnose?

A Survey suggest that 15-30% of children and tenegers are suffering from anxiety issues. Is your child one of them? Do your child get anxious easily? Read the below article and find tips and tricks to treat your anxious child.


Being  anxious  is a normal developmental process. It is a part of growing up. Our brain is wired up like that even you get anxious when something unusual or unexpected things happens in their life. As grown ups even we can get anxious while job interviews, exams , while first date etc. Those are the worries we take.

Is anxiety and worries are similar ?

Everyone in world has some kinds of worries in their mind. But when those worries persistently disturbs their living, their sleep and routine it becomes anxiety.

How vulnerable is my child for anxiety issues?

When your child is growing he/she is exposed to all new kind of events and experiences everyday. When they do not get proper guidance to manage those situations they easily get anxious. Anxiety is mixture of psychological ,biological ,social and medical issues.  When one of the parent is having trouble with living life is it possible your child will get the same  issues.

What are the symptoms of anxiety in my child?

You can easily identify anxiety symptoms in your child. Persistent presence of such symptoms requires to visit you paediatrician. We at TheChildPlus have excellent counselings techniques and methods to diagnose and treat this issues.

  • Difficulty in concentration
  • Irritability and restlessness
  • Poor weight gain and decrease or increase food intake
  • Decrease sleep and late night awakening
  • School avoidance
  • Panic attacks ( Breathlessness, dizziness, palpitations)
  • Fear of new experience ,meeting new people and friends.
  • Generalised presence of symptoms like persistent abdominal pain, diarrhea, headaches.)

What we can do at TheChildPlus – Holistic Pediatrics?

We at TheChildPlus have excellent counselings techniques and methods to diagnose and treat this issues.So, If you find your having any of them please feel free to consult us at our office. We will be happy to help .


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